Citra first added save state support to its desktop build back in April this year, just a month before bringing over the emulator to Android. Since save states are very intense on storage and prone to breakage, it took the team a while to port over experimental save state support to Android, but the wait is over. Citra has announced that save states are now available on the latest Android build just as the app reached the milestone of half a million downloads.

The app warns you not to rely on save states exclusively.

In contrast to regular game saves, save states represent a snapshot of the emulator's state at any given moment — the full RAM, CPU state, and GPU state are saved into a huge file. The advantage here is that you can save whenever you want to, even if the game won't let you. You also have little to no startup time when you open a save state, as you don't have to skip through all the regular menus before resuming gameplay. Keep in mind that due to their hacky nature, save states are inherently less reliable than a game's built-in saving mechanism, so don't rely on them exclusively.

Other than save state support, the new Citra version also merges the latest bugfixes and improvements from upstream. It's available on the Play Store and APK Mirror.

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