We'd like to think Mother Nature can take care of our lawns just fine on her own, but unfortunately, that's not true in most locations. Luckily, you can be your own Mother Nature with the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller. Once connected to your existing setup, you'll be able to schedule waterings optimized for your lawn that help save water and money. Today on Woot, you can grab a factory reconditioned 2nd generation unit for just $79.99.

Using the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller enables some really neat features. The highlight is scheduling, so you never forget to give your lawn some love. Since this is a smart device, Rachio can even schedule waterings automatically if you give it details on the type of plants and the amount of sun in your yard. The device can even predict when to skip watering based on the weather, so you don't waste money on water that the sky is providing free of charge.

Rachio claims this controller works with more smart home systems than any other smart sprinkler, including Alexa and Google Home. There's even an app so you can customize controls on the go. The controller is easily installable yourself with no special tools necessary, and there are plenty of helpful video tutorials on Rachio's website if you're a clueless klutz. These are factory reconditioned units that include a one-year warranty with them. Watering the lawn has never gotten me too excited, but maybe that would be different if I had a smart sprinkler?

Developer: Rachio
Price: Free