Cloud storage sure can come in handy, but that's only when it's actually working. It was just last week that Google Drive experienced a major outage, but the service already has more technical difficulties to work through, as errors and high latency issues plagued users this morning.

At about 10:30 AM (Eastern), Google posted an update to the Drive status page acknowledging that certain users were experiencing a spike in error messages, latency issues, and other behaviors that you generally don't want to see from a service you trust with your personal, work, and/or education files.

The issues should largely be resolved now, though Google apologized and reiterated that system reliability is a top priority. There's no word on what caused the issues, but let's hope it wasn't another rogue router screwing things up. Last week's outage kept people off of Drive for the entire morning, and today's issues lasted several hours as well. The dog-ate-my-homework excuse might be a classic, but I think Google Drive ate my homework might be a more modern colloquialism.