Samsung’s been busy pushing the latest edition of One UI to its entire fleet of flagship phones, even covering the Note10 and the S10 from last year. Between all that, the company hasn’t forgotten its tablet range, which has also started getting some similar treatment. The Galaxy Tab S6, Samsung’s 2019 flagship slate, is picking up One UI 2.5 with a bunch of new features, including a couple from the recent Tab S7.

The latest One UI build has been spotted rolling out to Tab S6 users in parts of Europe. Perhaps the most striking addition to One UI 2.5 is Wireless DeX, which will now also work on the Tab S6 in addition to the Tab S7. The feature basically allows you to project Samsung’s DeX interface onto a compatible TV without any wires in-between.

You’re also getting the option to request Wi-Fi passwords from those on the same network, given they’re on your contact list. The OS will now also grade the Wi-Fi connections available around you as Very Fast, Fast, Normal, or Slow, based on their overall performance. You can expect to see trinkets like Edge panel, Video Recorder, and AR Zone spread across the OS.

Firmware versions T860XXU3BTI2 and T865XXU4BTI1 for the Wi-Fi-only and LTE models, respectively, also bump the security patch level to September. As usual, the update’s already rolling out in Germany, while the US should follow suit soon, though we don't have a firm timeline for that yet. One UI 2.5 should be the last major build in the current series as we’ve already started hearing about One UI 3 based on Android 11.