A good wallpaper can make a phone feel whole. It's what really ends up bringing the visual experience of a phone together. That's why wallpapers are so important, especially on devices from phone-makers like Samsung. Sometimes Samsung make mistakes, like uploading an unreleased device's firmware really early, and that lets us dig through it to find these great wallpapers.

While you can download the Galaxy S20 FE wallpapers right now, the Galaxy S20 FE hasn't actually been announced yet. Yesterday, Samsung announced Galaxy Unpacked for Every Fan where they are likely going to announce the Galaxy S20 FE, but at the moment nothing is official. Still, basically the entire phone has leaked, and we know almost everything about it, and now we have its gorgeous wallpapers.

These wallpapers are all available fully uncompressed below. They come in at a 2400 x 2400 resolution which should look good on most phones. Personally, I'm a huge fan of the inkblots with the light background. I've been rocking it on my S20 Ultra and it looks really good.