Wireless earbuds might not be a dime a dozen, but there are many, many options in the marketplace right now for your perusal. Perhaps you like putting some kidneys into your ear canals? Samsung has you covered with the Galaxy Buds Live and so has eBay with a great deal right now.

If you've been making all the memes and have glossed over what the Buds Live actually do, you're forgiven. The short and skinny: their design is intentionally and agreeably ergonomical to snugly fit into the concha of your ear, the sound's about as good as you can get with Bluetooth and its enhancing codecs nowadays, and while there's not much seal and the active noise canceling doesn't do much for ambient noise, they're pretty good earbuds to stick with for 5-hour long jam sessions. We've got a full review elsewhere on Android Police.

As of press time, there are just over 100 pairs of Buds Live left from recognized eBay discount seller sobeonline1. You can grab a pair in either Mystic Bronze or White for $140 or $30 off MSRP.

Good luck getting those beans.