This year's OnePlus 8 Pro is a flagship phone, full stop. It's also the most expensive device OnePlus has ever made, starting at $900. What's more, the version with 12 gigs of RAM and 256 of storage (up from the eight and 128 of the base model) is usually a cool grand. But right now, you can get this most excellent cellular telephone for $900 on Amazon, $99 off MSRP.

In the 8 Pro, OnePlus didn't pull any punches: it's got every spec you could ask for in a modern high-end phone, including a 120Hz display, 5G, and long-requested fan-favorite features like wireless charging and IP-rated water resistance (finally). All those fancy-sounding components and big numbers translate to cost, though. And while $900 is still expensive, savings are savings. Use your leftover scratch to order some nice takeout.

You can get one in black or blue at the links below.

The 12/256 OnePlus 8 Pro variant is down another $20 since last month. This post has been updated accordingly.