Ever since T-Mobile completed its buyout merger with Sprint, former Sprint customers have gained access to T-Mobile's larger network and other bonuses, but T-Mobile subscribers haven't benefited much. That's finally changing, as T-Mobile has seemingly enabled roaming on Sprint's legacy network for some customers.

Reports started rolling in last night that Sprint now appears as a network option on iPhones connected to T-Mobile. Not all Android devices have the same ability to switch between networks/bands, but phones should automatically connect to former Sprint towers when a connection with T-Mobile's primary network can't be reached.

T-Mobile phone roaming on Sprint (Credit: jamesgryffindor99)

T-Mobile hasn't officially announced the feature yet, possibly because there are a few lingering issues. Some people who manually switched their phones to Sprint's network aren't getting a data connection, and the rollout appears to be regional for now. Still, it's exciting to see T-Mobile customers finally seeing some benefit from the company's recent acquisition.

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