Wink sells smart home hubs that can connect to countless products, including thermostats, door locks, fans, and lights. The company's hubs were a popular option for enthusiasts until last month, when it switched to a subscription requirement for most functionality. On top of all that, Wink is now suffering an outage that has lasted nearly a day, and it seemingly has lost access to its primary domain.

Wink's status page reports that "an issue controlling devices connected to Wink" was first discovered yesterday (September 10th) at 22:20 UTC, but as of when this article was published, no fix has been implemented. Every single Wink feature is non-functional, including the core platform and all connections to third-party services.

Wink outages

While some amount of outages are expected with any server-based software, it's unusual for larger services to be offline for this long, especially with established companies like Wink. To make matters worse, Wink appears to have lost control over its primary domain, as the website now displays a simple landing page. ICANN information for the domain shows there is currently no registered owner, but it is still controlled by the registrar, GoDaddy. However, ICANN also shows no registration info for the partially-functional (the page is still live), so the information could be out of date or incomplete.

The current state of

Whatever the cause of the problem might be, Wink is definitely having a rough day. The company's main and support Twitter accounts have been silent about the issues, though customer complaints have been making the rounds on social media.

It remains to be seen how many paying customers Wink will have left after this extended outage. I'm guessing it won't be many.

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