Having a TV with great picture quality is one thing, but it won't amount to a quality entertainment experience with cheap, tinny speakers. Luckily, Anker's Nebula Soundbar is the perfect add-on to upgrade basic TV sound into something that can get the bass booming. Did I mention it also has Fire TV built-in? And it's on sale from Amazon right now for just $159.99, giving you $70 off.

The Nebula Soundbar has a 2.1 channel design that combines two 30W subwoofers, two 20W speakers, and two bass ports to fill a room with 100 watts of cinematic sounds. There are special modes to enhance movies, music, and voices. And if the audio wasn't enough of an advantage, it also has the power to set your TV on fire — no, not literally.

Fire TV is baked right into this soundbar, so you can connect your TV and stream Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and more in up to 4K Ultra HD depending on your TV. You can even talk to Alexa with the included voice remote to make quarantine feel less lonely! It also functions as a Bluetooth speaker when you just want to dance without turning on a giant screen, and has two audio input connectors, one optical and one 3.5mm.

For those of you like me, who prefer to buy a dumb TV and connect smart accessories to it, the Nebula Soundbar fits the bill. Normally $229.99, it's on sale on Amazon for $159.99 right now — that's a $70 discount. Those savings make Anker's Nebula Soundbar sound like a good deal to me.