Nvidia's GeForce Now started with the promise of running all your existing PC games in the cloud, but game studios started pulling games shortly after the service's launch. GeForce Now is slowly addressing complaints from both customers and developers, and one major criticism — finding out which of your Steam games work on GeForce Now — is now much less of a pain.

The primary selling point of GeForce Now is that you can play games from your Steam, Epic Games, Battle.net, and Uplay libraries without purchasing them again. However, you had to use the search function to find which of your Steam games were compatible with GeForce Now. Thankfully, there's a new Game Sync feature in GeForce Now that will find all your compatible Steam games and add them to your library. Game Sync was initially limited to the Windows and Mac clients, but now Nvidia has announced that it's finally also available on Chromebooks.

Oddly enough, the sync feature doesn't run automatically — you have to start another sync every time you want a new purchase to appear in your GeForce Now library. "Once your Steam account is authorized, you can update your GeForce NOW library from Settings > Game Sync every time you purchase a new Steam game," Nvidia said. "It’s the easiest way to keep your games catalog up-to-date in the GeForce NOW app."

Chromebook support

Game sync was initially limited to Windows and macOS, but Nvidia has announced in a press release that it's now also available on Chrome OS.

Developer: NVIDIA
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