Google Photos has always been one of the best options for storing photos digitally, but sometimes you just want a nice, old-fashioned, physical copy of a shot. Last year, Google Photos added the ability to order prints from CVS and Walmart. Now it looks like Walgreens is soon to join the list of places offering same-day Google Photos printing.

Once the integration officially rolls out, users will be able to browse through their images directly from Google Photos, select which ones to print, and place an order that can be picked up as soon as the same day from Walgreens. Prints are offered in 4x6", 5x7", and 8x10" sizes, but the only choice for the finish is glossy — you'll have to choose Walmart as the pickup location if you're a matte fan.

Walgreens locations may start showing up alongside CVS and Walmart stores soon.

Customers have been able to upload images from Google Photos to Walgreens for printing for years now, but it'll be quicker and easier than ever with this new integration, since it allows for selecting, editing, and ordering prints directly from the Google Photos app and website.

You'll still have to make do with CVS or Walmart for now, though. Google added Walgreens to a support page today, but quickly removed it from the list. If you want to be ready for that Walgreens run when Google flips the switch again, be sure to download the newest version of the Google Photos app from APK Mirror or the Play Store.

Walgreens removed

Updated to reflect that Google has removed mentions of Walgreens from the support pages.

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