The phasing out of Play Music has been in progress for a while, and the whole service is set to be discontinued this month. It doesn't come as much of a surprise, then, that Google has begun to transition the default music player on Assistant devices from Play Music to YouTube Music. This also means that most users are now getting ads in between their own songs.

Several people on the r/googleplaymusic subreddit are reporting that their smart home devices are now telling them, "By the way, YouTube Music is now your default music provider," when asked to play music. Some non-Premium users are saying they're getting ads between their own songs, which is just the cherry on top for music lovers who were already complaining about YTM's inferior UI and functionality. I haven't experienced this change on my own devices, but I do have Spotify set to default normally. Perhaps the quick change in settings to Play Music as the default isn't enough to trigger it.

A couple of people say they were able to reselect Google Play Music as the default music source in the Google Home app. This is a temporary band-aid fix at best, though; Play Music as a whole will be going the way of the dodo this month. So for those of you who treasure Play Music and listen to music through Google's Assistant devices, you'd better play the hell out of your Play Music library while you can.

XDA's Mishaal Rahman also shared that he's seeing a "You will soon lose access to Google Play Music" screen every time he opens the app. The end is near.

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