If you're looking to achieve some of the best viewing you can get with a TV these days, you're looking for 4K and you're looking for an OLED panel. And if you're looking to get a deal all at the same time, Sony's A8H series of TVs are on sale right now starting at $400 off.

The A8H came out this year as a jack-of-all-trades: processing-derived 120Hz refresh rate, HDR with contrast boosting algorithms, and extreme viewing angles thanks to direct illumination from those emitting OLEDs. The sets are certified for Dolby Vision and Atmos sound and run with Android TV an support Alexa and Google Assistant.

OLED sets are traditionally magnitudes more expensive than LCD ones which are typically branded as LED, QLED, and other terms with some neat backlighting tricks. You can grab the 55-inch model at Amazon or Best Buy for just $1,500 ($400 off). Or...

Head to Amazon (it's a Deal of the Day today, so you have until midnight PDT) or Best Buy for the 65-inch model at around $2,300 ($500 off recent pricing on Amazon).

These are the A8Hs' first sales right now.