Samsung's Galaxy Watch Active2 has had several helpful features added over the past months. Oftentimes these features launch first in Korea, but not today — Samsung has introduced a host of new health, fitness, and convenience features for the Galaxy Watch Active2, available right here in the US of A.

Samsung invites you to become a better athlete with two new features, the first of which being Running Analysis. The watch will purportedly track various stats while you run, including asymmetry, ground contact time, regularity, and stiffness. After analyzing your workout, Samsung says the Active2 will show you what areas need improvement. In addition to Running Analysis, the device will measure your VO₂ max, your maximum oxygen usage during exercise. The watch can now also detect falls, prompting you to send an emergency message to up to four contacts if you experience an accident.

Alongside health and fitness tracking, the Active2 has quite a few new user experience improvements. You'll now be able to view received photos from your watch, and with Samsung's Smart Reply feature and advanced photo recognition, the company claims you can respond properly on the fly. In addition, Samsung has added a scroll capture feature, allowing you to take extended screenshots from your watch which will be sent directly to your phone. The company also promises a more seamless music experience, but doesn't go into more detail.

Samsung states that the update will begin rolling out today, first to Bluetooth devices, and later to LTE watches. For a full breakdown of the new features, visit Samsung's blog here.