For years, IFTTT has been the easiest way to automate hundreds of smart home devices and software platforms, acting as a bridge between services that otherwise wouldn't work together. Now the service has released a Pro subscription with highly-requested features, but free accounts are also being limited more than before.

IFTTT Pro is a new subscription that addresses some of the long-standing complaints with the service. It allows creating multi-step applets with queries and conditional logic, similar to Microsoft Power Automate and other professional tools. Applets can also have multiple actions for a single trigger, and they are executed faster (though the exact timing is unknown).

"Pro goes beyond just one trigger and one action," IFTTT wrote, "to create sophisticated Applets that can query data from multiple sources before triggering multiple actions. For example, a Pro can create an Applet that in the evening queries both their Google Calendar and Slack before deciding to turn on their Philips Hue lights and play their favorite Spotify playlist. [...] The revenue generated from this new subscription will be used to build even more great features for our Pros. We've already begun work on improving Pro’s conditional logic interface and will continue evolving the offering in response to user feedback."

However, as often happens when a previously-free service goes premium, some free features are going away. Free accounts will no longer be able to create more than three applets, while there was previously no limit. IFTTT will begin to archive applets that are the most inactive to bring free accounts under the 3-applet limit, so if you want to prevent your automations from breaking, you'll have to consolidate your account soon.

Until October 7th, you can "set your own price" for the Pro subscription, as long as it's more than $1.99/month.

Developer: IFTTT, Inc
Price: Free+