Live View in Maps is one of Google's more impressive technologies. It guides you through the real world via an AR overlay on your screen, showing you exactly which way to turn, which is pretty handy when you're in an unfamiliar city and have an unreliable compass. Starting with Pixel phones running Android 11, Google is making this feature even more useful. When a friend is sharing their location with you, you'll be able to navigate to them via Live View.

Once your friends share their location with you on Maps, you can tap their pin. If you're in on the update, you should then see a Live View option in a circular button on the right side of your screen. Tap it, and you'll find yourself in the Live View interface, guiding your way to where your friends currently are. This should help you find each other in places like public parks or when both of you are moving around, as you receive live updates on your friends' movements.

Other Pixel-exclusive Android 11 features include English-only Smart Reply suggestions on top of Google's system keyboard Gboard, app suggestions in the launcher, and enhanced screenshot tools (though other manufacturers have long surpassed the Pixel phones in that regard).

For now, the new Maps feature is Pixel exclusive, but the language surrounding the launch suggests that it should be available on all Android phones in the future. Since Google is rolling out the capability via a server-side switch, having the latest app version won't guarantee that you'll get it. It's still always a good idea to stay up to date, so check the Play Store for updates or get the newest APK from APK Mirror.

Maps - Navigate & Explore
Maps - Navigate & Explore
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