While Google changes different aspects of Android with each new version, there's one thing all releases have in common: as soon as they go stable, they're uploaded to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) for everyone to look at and work with. That's no different for Android 11, as the company has just finished uploading the new OS version's source code.

As a post in the Android Building group confirms, the Android 11 code is now fully uploaded, and those willing to dive into all the minuscule changes have already started doing so. In a Twitter thread, Mishaal Rahman goes over the most interesting changes that haven't made it into the official Pixel builds, such as a battery defender feature that reduces the charging limit when a phone is plugged in for too long or the option to freeze cached apps currently not in use. It also looks like Google is working on an extra volume slider for the Assistant.

Access to the code is important for custom ROM development, too, so it's no wonder that LineageOS is getting ready to look at the changes and start working on its first Android 11 builds.

Whether you're a developer or just someone enthusiastic about every little thing going on in the code, you can check out all of the details in the source below. You might also want to look at the code changes implemented with each release candidate leading up to the final version: RC1, RC2, and RC3.