Old hat: Ryan Reynolds is a wunderkind actor/investor who sold his stake in Aviation Gin for more than $600 million and currently has an ownership stake in MVNO Mint Mobile. New hat: he has apparently recruited '80s movie icon and fellow Canadian Rick Moranis to promote the carrier's new unlimited data plan.

The premise of the new 42-second ad hosted on Reynolds's YouTube account: introduce the new unlimited plan as something that Mint Mobile has gone too long without, just as pop culture nerds have gone far too long without seeing Moranis in a new movie. Ryan says he's a big fan of Rick, they share an awkward silence — the humor is in the discomfort — Rick leaves, ad ends.

Moranis has starred in cult-favorite films including as Seymour Krelborn, the florist caring for vicious plant Audrey II in "Little Shop of Horrors" and Darth Vader-like Dark Helmet in "Spaceballs" plus memorable roles in the "Ghostbusters" and "Honey, I Shrunk The Kids" franchises. He paused his acting career in 1997 to raise his children as a widow following the earlier death of his wife, Ann Belsky, in 1991. He is set to return to a live-action movie soon, though, with another installment in the "Honey" series simply titled "Shrunk."

If you're curious about the plan, it provides unlimited talk, text, and data (with throttled speeds after 35GB in a month) on T-Mobile's cellular network, which includes its 5G grid. As with other Mint plans, customers pay a lump sum for 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month terms. First-time subscribers get 3 months of the unlimited plan for $90 ($30/mo.), but will need to pay $120 ($40/mo.) if they want to renew. The 6-month term costs $210 ($35/mo.) while the 12-month term is $360 ($30/mo.).

As for how this marketing push will do to attract new customers, well, we don't know yet, but let's hope this isn't a sign. The sign. You know, a sign that Mint's going out of business. Sorry, that was the only reference I could come up with on a deadline.