Samsung's Good Lock suite of customization apps are a fantastic way of personalizing your Galaxy phone, but the company isn't content with simply updating the modules that already exist. A few days ago, Pentastic was introduced for S Pen UI customizations, and now Samsung is back with another new app. Wonderland all about wallpaper creation themed around Lewis Carroll's Alice and her various adventures.

A few pre-loaded wallpapers show you what Wonderland is capable of, but you'll want to make your own from scratch. Pick an image as a background and the app then lets you create motion effects as well as overlay a range of particle effects. The results aren't the most dynamic wallpapers imaginable, but it should provide some fun seeing what you can come up with.

With any luck, Samsung will add more options to Wonderland as time goes by — if its other Good Luck modules are anything to go by, there's a decent chance of that happening. The company seems committed to providing neat personalization options via Good Luck that we just don't see from other phone makers, so kudos for that.

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