Ever since Epic updated its popular Fortnite title with a new payment flow that redirected customers toward its own website by promising discounted prices, chaos has ensued. Epic dared Apple and Google to kick Fortnite off app stores, then sued the companies for anti-competitive practices when it happened. We just learned that Google is working on getting the case against it dismissed, and now Apple is going a step further, seeking monetary damages from Epic for breaching its contract.

Today, Apple filed paperwork in court that shows it will seek damages for Epic Games' breach of contract. Before publishing on the App Store, developers must agree to certain terms regarding accepting payments, some of which Epic has clearly violated — though whether it's justified is another matter. It's not clear exactly how much money Apple is demanding, but it's another sign that the relationship between the two megacorporations will not be restored any time soon.

In its response, Apple said that the idea of Epic as a "Robin Hood" fighting back against a tyrannical corporate overlord is not justified. The company notes that Epic has earned more than $600 million from app store revenue, despite Apple taking its standard 30% cut that Epic is protesting.

As of now, the next episode hearing is scheduled for later in September.