Despite Waze having fewer overall features and a less refined UI than Google Maps, I still find myself using Waze as often as possible for its police reporting system. Today, however, Waze is getting a feature that's been on Maps for a while: the ability to plan a route on your computer and send it to your phone.

I've personally never used Waze's web interface before, but setting it up was easy. You can either sign in the traditional way or scan a QR code with your phone; I chose the latter, and it was very quick. Waze says that millions of monthly users use the web's Live Map to map routes before heading out, and they'll now be able to instantly send the route to their phone.

The functionality is simple; you'd just enter your starting point and destination as you normally would, adjust the departure time if need be, and then hit the big blue "Save to app" button on the bottom right of the dialog. If you do adjust the departure time (which can be up to a week later), Waze will also notify you when you should leave on your phone. Locations can also be saved online, allowing for less typing for places you frequent often.

This feature is available now. To try it out, you can access the Waze Live Map here.