Every year, Google does a statue for its latest Android release shortly after it comes out. (A long time ago, they even used to be fun.) This year the company is making a socially-distant twist, leveraging its recent focus on AR experiences to bring the boring Android 11 statue into all our homes.

It's pretty easy to check out, too. Just head to this link and tap "view in 3D" on your Android phone, and you're taken to an interactive 3D view. From there, tap "View in your space, tap past some permissions requests, and you can look at the statue up close and personal at home, courtesy of augmented reality.

The statue is pretty plain: the Android 11 styled numerals in a granite or dark marble color, set on a blue rock-textured base. The disembodied Android 11 bugdroid head pops out of random positions on the statue like a green antennaed whack-a-mole.

There are a few Easter eggs, like a shallow etching on the back of one of the 1s with a list of Android 11 features, and a recipe taped to the back of the statue's base, prompting you to "Develop your own RVC," a clear reference to the "Red Velvet Cake" name rumored to be tied to Android 11 when they used to have desert or "tasty treat" based names.

Google's long past doing genuinely fun or interesting Android statues. Last year's was basically as boring, sporting a disembodied bugdroid head crammed the zero of the Android 10 numerals. At least we can all enjoy Android 11's new mediocre statue from the comfort of our own homes — though if you're looking for some AR fun, Google has way more interesting stuff to check out.