Who needs metal keys when you can have a memory full of PINs anyways? Well, people aren't exactly rushing to replace the hammers atop their deadbolts with smart locks for one reason or another — price may be chief among them. You, though, can take advantage of a sale on August's fourth-gen Wi-Fi Smart Lock for $31 off.

The lock got its launch back in May as August's least burdensome system yet with no need for a dedicated Bluetooth hub as with other locks and a smaller unit itself, measuring in at 45% the mass of its Smart Lock Pro. Installing the August Home app will let the lock know when you're about to come home or head out and automatically arm or disarm itself. It can also be programmed with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, IFTTT, and even Airbnb.

August's Wi-Fi Smart Lock started out life at $250, but that price has started and continued to fall in the past couple weeks. Right now, it's settled at $219 on Amazon — $31 off. We'll update this post if the sinking streak continues, but there aren't any guarantees to that.