If you use Kindle, you've probably got a few unwanted or embarrassing books floating around — it's okay, we all do. Previously, if you wanted to get rid of those unwanted titles, you'd have to go through a convoluted method on Amazon's site to remove them. Now, it's as easy as a long press and a confirmation, right in the app.

In the past, in order to remove titles from your library, you'd have to navigate to Amazon's "Manage Your Content and Devices" page. After that, you'd follow a long series of steps until finally the title was erased from your collection permanently. Amazon eventually added a simple way to delete titles directly from a Kindle in June, but app users were left in the lurch — until now.

The Kindle app's latest update ads the ability to remove titles from your library by selecting them with a long press and choosing "Permanently Delete" from a drop-down menu. After selecting the option to delete the title, a confirmation prompt will pop up and ask if you're sure.

The update also allows you to filter your books by Family Library titles, as well as sync your reading across devices in both Page Flip View and Continuous Scrolling. By far, though, the biggest improvement is the ability to remove books. Happy reading, and enjoy your new, clean library.

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