OnePlus only launched the Nord last month, but it's already pushing out one update after the other, mostly focused on improving the camera and battery life. That's not too different with the latest Oxygen OS release to hit the midrange phone, bearing version number 10.5.7.

Like the system updates before it, this one only comes with smaller fixes and improvements and no new features. The general power consumption is supposed to be reduced, and there should be a few camera tweaks like better 4k 60FPS front camera video stabilization and more image clarity for the macro. There are also "general display calibration" improvements that might fix the tint issues some models exhibit. Other than that, OnePlus says that Bluetooth and calls are now more stable.

IN: 10.5.7.AC01DA
EU: 10.5.7.AC01BA
Global: 10.5.7.AC01AA​


  • Power
    • Improved general power consumption
  • Camera
    • Improved 4k 60 FPS video stabilization of front camera
    • Improved image clarity of macro camera
  • Display
    • Improved general display calibration
  • Bluetooth
    • Improved Bluetooth connection stability
  • Network
    • Improved voice call stability

The update is already rolling out to the Indian and the global variant, and the EU model is supposed to follow soon. As always, the new software is coming to phones in stages, so if you can't see it in Settings -> System -> System updates yet, you'll have to be patient.