The conversation about affordable small phones has been centered around the Pixel 4a and iPhone SE in recent months, but there are other options. Last year's 5.8-inch Samsung Galaxy S10e is a well-equipped little fella, and you can currently get a brand new one for $400 — well under MSRP — from Microsoft on eBay.

With a Snapdragon 855 and six gigs of RAM, the Galaxy S10e isn't a powerhouse by 2020 standards. Still, it's plenty capable. It's also got wireless charging and a headphone jack, two qualities you won't find together in either the Pixel 4a or the iPhone SE. Being a year old, the S10e won't receive updates for as long as a newer phone would, but that's a trade-off some people are comfortable with.

This deal is only valid on the black model (sorry, we don't have a photo of that one). The price is hidden until checkout, but as you can see above, it'll ring up for $399.99. Hit the link below to get yours at this exceptionally fair price.