As the quarantine blues drag on here in the US, many people are looking for a creative outlet to unleash their pent up panic in a healthy way. One possible solution is Bazaart, a photo editing and design app that's been well-regarded by iOS users since it launched on the App Store back in 2012. Now it has finally made its way onto the Google Play Store so that Android fans can join in on the fun.

Co-founder and CEO Stas Goferman said that the company has been hearing requests from Androidians for years, and part of the reason for releasing the app now is due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic. With everyone spending less time out and about, there's more screen time to be used in apps. And everyone loves a splashy photo edit. We're used to waiting in line behind iOS users, but eight years is a long time to endure.

Thankfully, Bazaart seems like it was worth the wait. The app allows users to do things like instantly remove backgrounds from photos, transform them with stickers and text, and easily share them as JPG or transparent PNG files. The app does offer a paid subscription that unlocks more features and removes the watermark from exported images. If you're ready to refresh your quarantine life with some creativity, you can download Bazaart from APK Mirror or the Play Store. It doesn't seem to be available on Chromebooks yet, so if you wanna doodle on your Duet, you'll have to try another application.