Last month was a great one for non-gaming drama lovers like me. Not content with its cut of the pie on mobile, Epic launched an assault on the Android and iOS app stores, leading to Apple removing Fortnite. Soon after, Google followed suit. Epic filed lawsuits alleging unfair treatment by both companies. Now Google is making a new move in the high-stakes game of corporate warfare: the company is looking to have Epic's suit dismissed.

In a filing made by a leading California antitrust attorney on its behalf, Google states that it will seek to dismiss Epic's lawsuit. Since the complaint against Google involves overseas branches of the company, it hasn't even been officially served yet. When that does occur, Google plans to highlight Android's unique open nature as part of the reasoning behind the dismissal request.

Contained in the same filing are indications that Google is not in favor of merging Epic's challenges against the App Store and the Play Store into one legal challenge. It's a safer play to let Apple go first and take the heat, and Google is perfectly content to let its competitor go up against Epic alone and base its legal response on whichever outcome Apple ends up getting. If Apple wins against Epic, that could potentially bolster Google's case. If Apple loses, then Google might take that as a cue emphasize Android's openness compared to iOS.

Regardless of which major corporation's side you're on, I'm sure this will be a lot of fun to follow. I wonder which actor will play Tim Sweeney in the inevitable legal drama that gets produced in a few years.