If you're the type of person who keeps way too many tabs open across multiple browser windows — looking at you, Ryne Hager — a tab search feature would no doubt come in handy. Thankfully, that's exactly what Google has been working on. A functional version of the feature can be found in the latest Chrome OS 86 dev channel build, which suggests it'll be present in the next stable update.

Kevin C. Tofel of About Chromebooks has tested out the new capability, and he's plenty pleased with it. A little down arrow is displayed next to the new tab 'plus button' at the end of the tab row. Clicking (or tapping) the arrow brings up the UI you see above, with a search box for your query and all of your open tabs listed vertically. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+E for faster access to tab search.

The flag that enables it (chrome://flags/#enable-tab-search) is on by default in Chrome OS Dev 86, but it will likely be available to switch on in Chrome OS 85 stable — my Pixelbook Go hasn't received that update yet so I'm unable to test this out for myself. Keep an eye on your Chromebook in the coming days as it's rolling out gradually now. For all the other new features in the latest stable build, take a look at our Chrome OS 85 announcement post. Chrome OS 86 will probably hit the stable channel in about six weeks.