Remote IFA festivities today continue, as Philips Hue has announced a handful of new and updated products in its smart home lighting lineup, including a new lightstrip for your TV and the revamped return of the Iris table lamp. On top of that, folks in the August and Nest smart lock ecosystem can look forward to deeper integrations between the two systems starting soon.

When it comes to your basic smart bulbs, Hue is introducing a new large form-factor globe bulb in a G125 size, plus a bigger Edison-style bulb. The Hue Ensis pendant light will also soon be available in black, and the "classic" Hue E12 candelabra bulbs in White and Color Ambience and White Ambience have been updated to support Bluetooth at $50 and $25, respectively (for one-packs).

Beyond the screw-in smarts, there's also a snazzy new Hue Iris table lamp being reintroduced, with more colors, lower dimming options, and better brightness (up to 570 lumens) compared to the previous version, and it will run $99.

Lastly, the company is introducing a lightstrip for your TV, aptly called the Hue Play gradient lightstrip. Compatible with TVs 55" in size and larger, the new strip attaches easily to the back on three sides and works with either the Hue Sync PC app, or Hue Play HDMI Sync Box to mirror and enhance visuals in a way that stretches beyond the screen. Lighting effects can also stretch to other Hue smart lights via the app. Prices vary, from $200 for 55", to $220 for 65", up to $240 for 75".

Integration with August and Yale smart locks is also planned, though we weren't given too many details outside of examples for the sort of integrations you can expect — lights turning on or off when you enter or leave, pretty much. More information regarding the partnership will ostensibly be available from August and Yale here soon, with plans between the companies set to start this September (i.e., soon).

Product availability may vary — some of the products were mentioned in recent press releases, others were talked about during an earlier briefing, and we don't know pricing or availability details for all of them, but most of the new products should have information live at the Philips Hue site soon.

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