At today's remote IFA festivities, Qualcomm has announced that it is bringing 5g to its entry-level 4 Series of chipsets. Specifically meant for phones in the $125-250 price range, this could finally mean the long-anticipated democratization of 5G as the feature truly trickles down to the mainstream.

Sadly, not much more has been announced just yet. We don't know of any specific chip names or details — like which standards 4-Series modems will support — and we don't have specific dates for availability, though we are told we can expect products with it to arrive in the first quarter next year.

Xiaomi outright says it's planning on being one of the first companies to use an upcoming 4-Series 5G chip. Oppo and Motorola also spoke out in support of the announcement, though with less clear-cut plans, implying we'll see products from their companies harnessing the new series' improvements in the future.

With this change, most of Qualcomm's lineup from flagship to mid-range to entry-level will support 5G. More details regarding chipset specifics will be available in the future.