TCL is a bit under the radar when it comes to audio equipment, but it did make a splash with us earlier this year for its $80 active noise canceling wireless earbuds. Another big hit for people with spare change is the over-ear MTRO200BT headphones — they launched back in spring for $40, but are now even more affordable at 40% off on Amazon.

These Bluetooth 5 headphones feature a mix of plastics, silicone, and some metal framing elements with 32mm drivers, basic noise isolation, and a battery rated for up to 20 hours of playback. Other than that, we have the basics for better or worse: micro-USB for charger (15 minutes on the cable for 3 hours of playback) and a line-in microphone.

You can grab the MTRO200BT in four colors — black, blue, red, and white — for just $24 when you hit this Amazon link (we may get affiliate money) and check the box for an on-page coupon taking 40% off the MSRP. It's a bit of wire-free ease for not much money.

If you want to come back to this deal later or avoid giving us affiliate revenue (lol), make sure you check that the seller is TCL and not Amazon itself. It'll charge you a couple dollars more and change.