One might think that podcast listening time has gone down since people aren't commuting nearly as much, but that's not true. Podcasts have only gained in popularity, and Google is now bringing Assistant's Your News Update feature to its Podcasts app if you were looking for some more personalized news content.

Your News Update was added to Google Assistant late last year, aggregating local and other pertinent stories tailored to each listener with natural-sounding voices. It uses machine learning to understand how each news story relates to a person's interests. However, it could only be played back on Assistant speakers and smart displays. Now it's arriving on Google Podcasts, meaning it can be listened to much more conveniently through your phone.

The new feature is housed in the Explore tab. What it comprises is based on your interests, your location, user history, and preferences. The blog post gives the example of a Los Angeles-based music fan who "might hear a local story on Governor Gavin Newsom’s latest announcement, and then a review of the latest Katy Perry album, followed by a deep dive of the upcoming election."

Google says the feature is available now for those in the US. I'm not seeing it just yet on my phone, but it'll probably appear soon.