Several Sony X900-series 4K HDR TVs are currently discounted at Amazon and Best Buy, ranging in price from $1,169.99 for the cheapest 65" TV to a whopping $3,798 for the flagship 85" X950H unit. If you're in the market for a gigantic, high-end Android TV, there are some all-time low prices here.

The X900s offer 4K HDR with Sony's X1 processor, Android TV built-in, full array LED functionality, and HDMI 2.1 compatibility coming soon. For those wondering why one might spend the extra money on an X900-class TV versus, for instance, the cheaper Sony X800 models, comparisons show that the X900 displays offer a crispier image with less motion blur, higher brightness, improved performance in dark rooms, and faster response times. A commenter below mentions that some units of the 65" X900 are prone to the "prison bar" effect, so keep that in mind.

As for the difference between the X900 and the X950, the X950 is a newer model with the X1 Ultimate processor, better audio built-in, better viewing angles at the expense of some contrast, and a nicer-looking remote. Whether or not that's worth the extra dough is up to you. Keep in mind, however, that the X950s are missing HDMI 2.1.

Here are the deals:

Amazon and Best Buy both offer free shipping on all of these TVs, but it's worth keeping in mind that Best Buy also offers in-store pickup if the TV is in stock at a store near you (it probably is). So if you're impatient and have a car that can fit a massive TV like this inside, that's an option.