Samsung introduced the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ just about a month ago, its latest super-premium tablets for entertainment and productivity. With some high-refresh-rate screens and a new low-latency S Pen, there was a lot to like, leaving us wondering how shoppers would actually be able to get their hands on one. Today Samsung's finally sharing all the information you'll need about Tab S7 pre-orders.

We already knew that the 11-inch Tab S7 would start at about $650, and the larger 12.4-inch S7+ would demand $850. That's just for the WiFi versions of these tablets — upgrading to 5G pushes the starting price up to $850, so we're looking at a $200 premium there.

What about the keyboard cases? To get any real work done on a tablet like this, that's going to be essential, but Samsung hadn't previously revealed anything about pricing. We guessed we'd be looking at something north of $150, and that turns out to be very much the case: the S7's keyboard will go for $200, while the S7+ model costs $230.

The good news there is that shoppers pre-ordering a tablet will be able to grab one of those keyboards at the time for half-price.

Pre-orders open September 2, ahead of September 18 retail availability. That's also the date the tablets come to carriers, where they'll be for sale at AT&T, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, and Verizon.