Last week, an update to the Google Home app started rolling out with a bunch of new features in tow. Chief among them is the new dark theme, a new security camera feed, and improved controls for Android 11's power menu integration. More changes have popped up now, though these are governed by a server-side switch and are thus slowly appearing for users.

The first addition is support for Nest x Yale and August locks — and possibly other brands too, though my Nuki locks don't seem to be compatible. They show up among your devices and, just as we spotted a couple of weeks ago, can be locked and unlocked straight from the Home app, without needing their separate app. You'll need to tap and hold to unlock. For the Nest x Yale model, some device settings are also included, so you can change the lock tone and enable one-touch locking, but you can't customize the privacy settings. Those are still in the standalone Nest app.

Nest x Yale lock page and settings.

The lock's status should also be clearly displayed on the app's main screen, so you don't need to delve into the lock's page to control it.

Another improvement has also come to smart lights and switches in the app. They'll now show their current status in the main screen too, as spotted by u/cassiopeia. So lights will have a yellow outline when they're on, and switches will be green, similar to the change that rolled out to smart displays earlier in the year. Plus, instead of having both on and off buttons, you'll only see the one that will change their state.

Left: Nest x Yale status and unlockRight: Status for lights and switches.

If you still don't have v2.27 of the Google Home app, make sure you grab that from the Play Store or APK Mirror, as that is a requirement, but since these changes are also controlled server-side, you'll have to wait for them to show up for you.

August locks too

Thanks to our readers Joel and ggsimeda, we know that August locks are also supported. The article has been updated to reflect that.

Rolling out

The update is now officially rolling out on the Play Store. Here's the changelog:

Over the next few days we’ll be rolling out the following:

Use the Home app to lock and unlock your Nest x Yale Lock.
Dark theme is now available through Android system settings.
Home view now shows if lights, switches, and plugs are on or off.
View and control all your cameras by tapping on the Camera quick action.

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