Crystal Dynamics's superhero action-adventure title Marvel's Avengers is available on Stadia right now. Well, the Deluxe Edition is, at least — it'll run you $79.99. Your extra 20 bucks gets you access to the game several days early, plus a fancy black-and-gold costume for each playable hero. The standard edition will be available Friday, September 4.

Avengers sees you take control of Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow and Thor — plus Kamala Khan, a super-powered stretchy teen. In the game's single-player campaign, you'll smash various (largely robotic) enemies using your heroes' familiar abilities. There's also online cooperative multiplayer.

There are clearly cues taken from the well-known Marvel Cinematic Universe, but publisher Square Enix says the story is original to the game.

Whether getting the game a few days early (and getting to play in different costumes) is worth an additional $20 is a matter of preference; you could get more or less the same experience for less money later this week. Still, if you're champing at the bit, the option is there. You can find Marvel's Avengers: Deluxe Edition on the Stadia store right now.