For better or worse, search engines are how most people research information, so Google has been one of the primary ways people are informing themselves ahead of the United States presidential election. Google Trends already allows anyone to see what the most popular web searches are at any given time, but now Trends has introduced a page specifically for queries related to the election.

The new 'US Elections in Search 2020' page gives a detailed look at which topics, candidates, questions, and parties are searched the most often. Google even offers interactive graphs and maps for which searches are most popular in what regions. For example, Trends is showing unemployment as the most important political issue right now across the entire US, which isn't too surprising.

You can check out the full page at the link below. It's constantly updated, so the data will continue to change as we get close to November. On a related note, if you're in the States, make sure you're registered to vote!