Fans of Google's so-called Material Design should take note of today's news. AP alum Liam Spradlin is resuscitating Google's Material blog as its new Editor. Today alone, eight new posts were published (more than went up in the last two years), covering subjects from color and typography to shape and transitions, written in terms both developers and design enthusiasts can appreciate and use — ideally, to help make better apps.

Material Design has taken quite a trip from the Android 5.0 era. There was a time Google's guidelines weren't much more than that: Basic instructions without much in the way of concrete examples or a starting point. But in the intervening years, Google has stepped up the design resources it provides developers, even as Material itself has evolved to stay modern.

The newly revamped blog anticipates providing developers with news, guides, research, case studies, and design explorations on all subjects Material, to help those designing a new app, site, or service succeed — or, at least, have a better idea for what they should be doing with all those buttons, drop shadows, animations, and gradients.

Interested parties can dive in at the source link below, but we'll be sure to point out the more interesting and useful posts at the new Material Blog as well.