For a phone that's only been out since the beginning of the month, the OnePlus Nord sure has received a lot of updates. This latest OxygenOS update, which comes only a few days after the last one, makes some more improvements to the camera, plus some improvements in the system, power, and Bluetooth categories.

Without further ado, here's OnePlus's changelog:


  • System
    • Improved system stability
  • Camera
    • Optimized image stabilization performance
  • Power
    • Improved general power consumption
  • Bluetooth
    • Improved Bluetooth connection stability

It's nice to see OnePlus continuing to work on the camera, and the OIS improvements should help those with shakier hands. Better system and Bluetooth stability should make the experience a little bit smoother, and it sounds like OnePlus is improving the battery life a little bit as well.

The over-the-air (OTA) update is rolling out right now for India (10.5.6.AC01DA) and global (10.5.6.AC01AA) models, and it will soon hit EU (10.5.6.AC01BA) variants as well. The download isn't available just yet, but it should arrive within the next few days.