Netflix is making some of its content free to watch, but there's a catch. While it has a handful of Movies, Netflix's series like Our Planet and Stranger Things are also included. But Netflix is only tantalizing the uninitiated with the first episode before you hit a paywall.

The new promotion is available at, and Netflix claims that "the selection may change from time to time." It works on both desktop and mobile browsers (Android only, iPhones don't get the privilege), though it doesn't seem to support streaming via external means like Chromecasts directly.

We aren't sure if available content varies by market, but here in the States, the site currently advertises the following shows and movies:

Netflix Series


While you can watch the entirety of films being promoted, series like Stranger Things and Our Planet are limited to the first episode. To continue watching, you'll either have to sign up with Netflix or just accept being cut off right as things get intere-