A new settings and setup interface for Android Auto has been spotted rolling out. The changes aren't too drastic, but they do make for a smoother and slightly more attractive workflow, featuring a more general "connect a car" prompt with separate options for wired and wireless setup that follow.

The new setup interface has a big, easy-to-spot "connect a car" prompt that appears right at the top in settings. Tap it, and you'll be asked to plug your phone into your Android Auto head unit's compatible USB port. There's also an option on this second screen to connect wirelessly, if your car or head unit supports that feature.

Hit that "connect using wireless Android Auto" option and you're taken to a screen for beginning the setup process on your car, with another button to connect to it via Bluetooth once it's ready, pulling up a prompt to pair your phone with your car.

According to /u/shmykelsa, who did some digging into the Android Auto APK, the change may be rolling out as part of the Play Services v20.30.19 update, though there could be a server-side component to it, and it does require Android Auto 5.4 or later.

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