Microsoft's Outlook email application has seen update after update over the past few months, adding features like photo annotation and audio playback of emails. Now the app has added another incredibly useful function: the ability to customize which actions appear on notifications for new emails.

By default, new mail notifications from Outlook have buttons to delete the message, archive it, or reply. Starting in Outlook v4.2033.2, which is slowly rolling out on the Play Store, there's a new 'Custom actions' section in the app settings for choosing which buttons appear in mail notifications. You can pick from Delete, Archive, Flag, and Read & Archive. There's also the option to not have any buttons besides Reply, if you want to do that.

It's great to see Outlook continue to add features that Gmail has continued to neglect. If the new Outlook v4.2033.2 update hasn't rolled out to you yet, you can also download it from APKMirror.