Media marketing researcher Nielsen claims as of 2019 that 272 million people in the U.S. listen to honest-to-goodness live radio every week one way or another. For some, that means buying the TuneIn Pro app and being able to record programs as they like for later replay. But that ability is about to go away.

The streaming app is notifying Pro users that it will disable in-app audio recording on September 14 in order to comply with licensing and legal restrictions.

One of our readers passed on the email they received from the company, which reads:

We wanted to inform you that we will soon be disabling the recording feature from the TuneIn Pro app, meaning you can no longer record and playback live radio shows.

Unfortunately, we’re sometimes forced to terminate or modify elements within the app experience due to applicable law, licensing restrictions and/or business needs. We love that users are passionate about certain app functions and we’re truly sorry when this happens. We hope you’ll continue listening with TuneIn as we continue to evolve.

After September 14, TuneIn Pro will just be the $10 version of the regular TuneIn app, free from banner or pre-roll ads (TuneIn Premium is a separate, content-enhanced, monthly subscription).

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