Yes, we know Sprint is going the way of the dodo soon, but the Galaxy S20 is one of the only phones Sprint customers should still consider buying. A reputable eBay seller is currently offering new units of the Sprint S20 for $649.99 a pop, which is $350 off MSRP.

So why is the Sprint Galaxy S20 worth looking into for current Sprint customers? For starters, this is a good deal — $350 off sticker for a new unit will be hard to find anywhere else. Additionally, the Sprint S20 is one of the only Sprint 5G phones that will function without issue on T-Mobile 5G. The S20 also has the same hardware as all other carriers' S20s, meaning that a Sprint S20 should function flawlessly on T-Mobile (in theory).

This seller has 99.7% feedback on eBay and offers free shipping and 30-day returns. It does include a 1-year warranty, though this seems to be through the seller and not Samsung itself. eBay is also running a 5% eBay Bucks promo at the moment, which effectively equates to an additional $32.50 discount for those who participate. eBay is showing "limited quantity available," so hit the link below if you're interested.