Google appears to be revising the user interface for its editor in Photos, relying less on iconography and more on text. The work-in-progress was first discovered by software blogger Jane Manchun Wong and may be available in testing to select users.

Here's what the UI looks like as Wong has posted it:

A dial of categories appears above the Cancel and Save copy buttons, the first of which is titled Suggestions — presumably showing what vectors the artificial intelligence thinks should be tailored. Specific vectors are laid out in an upper carousel with icons as well as labels.

Crop and angular adjustment share a tab in the current version of the interface but are split off into their own categories in the new look. Inversely, Markup and third-party extensions are grouped into a single More category.

An Indonesian Photos user responded to Wong's tweet, appearing to show off the new interface while editing a picture from the Xiaomi Mi 10 5G, so perhaps it could be going out to users for testing. One report, however, doesn't mean much here.

For comparison, here's what the Google Photos editor looks like right now:

As with everything else, we'll keep an eye out and update if this new editor UI spreads.