Google revealed a revamped API for autofill services in Android 11, hooking right into supported keyboards like Gboard. We already saw what this looks like for Google's own password manager and 1Password, but now Dashlane is also working on making its product compatible with the new API. The password management tool's latest beta already allows you to autofill right through the keyboard on Android 11.

Like other compatible password managers, Dashlane's password autofill suggestions are moved to the top of the keyboard, forgoing the dropdown menu of old. The bar above Gboard automatically displays the fitting credentials depending on which app or website you open. If you can't see the right one, you can also search for it via a shortcut or add a new login for the website, all inside a neat slide-up panel without ever leaving the login screen you're currently on.

If you want to try this for yourself, you need to be on the Android 11 beta, and you need to use a compatible keyboard like Gboard. Then you have to install the Dashlane beta, which is available through the Play Store beta program, and enable the autofill service via the system settings (if you haven't already), et volià, you should be up and running. Dashlane tells us that the new autofill method will be in the stable version of its app when Android 11 launches.

Dashlane Password Manager
Dashlane Password Manager
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