We basically already know almost everything there is to know about the Galaxy Z Fold2 following two hands-on videos, but now yet another review video popped up on YouTube (picked up by SamMobile), giving us an even more detailed look at Samsung's upcoming foldable.

While the video title claims that what we see is a review of the Z Fold2, it's rather in line with a hands-on/lifestyle shoot. Nevertheless, it shows us the phone in action from all kinds of angles, giving us a detailed overview of what the foldable will feel like when you use it. The reviewer opens and closes the device, compares its screen sizes to its predecessor and regular phones, and even records the speakers to demonstrate their quality. If you understand Chinese, you might even get to hear the reviewer's opinion on the phone.

Like the previous leak we covered, you can also see Flex Mode, which was first introduced with the Galaxy Z Flip. It allows you to use the foldable in a tiny laptop-like mode. The video also confirms that you can take selfies with the rear camera using the outside screen as a viewfinder, which puts the Z Fold2 on par with something like the Asus Zenfone 6.

Judging from this video content, the Z Fold2 looks like the phone the first Fold should have been. The new exterior screen is much more useful at the size, and the reduction of the enormous notch to a small punch-hole camera on the inside is much appreciated. Let's hope that the Z Fold2 won't have some weaknesses when folding, which forced Samsung to redesign the first Fold, pushing back the release for a few months.