Everybody assumed Stadia Pro would follow the 2-game-per-month standard set by XBox Live and Playstation Plus, but things have ramped up quite a bit in the last few months. Four titles were added for subscribers in the beginning of August, and then a surprise fifth game landed a couple weeks later. Now September is coming in hot with six titles to claim.

September's additions for Pro subscribers include a good spread of genres, so there's something for everybody. Four of these are brand new to Stadia, with two of those being first-run releases. Super Bomberman R Online and Gunsport are making their worldwide debuts on Stadia, with the former boasting a new 64-player cap for its arenas. Hitman and Hello Neighbor are new to the platform, and all of these will be joined by Metro Last Light Redux and Embr in the Stadia Pro list on September 1st.

While Pro subscribers get to keep and play all of the titles they claim indefinitely, not all of those titles remain available to claim forever. Three games will be leaving the list after September 31st, including Get Packed, GRID, and Kona. If you are a Pro subscriber, you may want to jump in and claim them before they're gone. And if you're thinking about subscribing, you might want to do it on the 31st to get them linked to your account, and then claim the new additions the following day.

If you've been following new titles, Windbound is also launching August 28th on Stadia, Steam, Epic, XBox Live, PSN, and Nintendo Switch. It isn't joining the Stadia Pro list of freebies, but you can pick it up for $29.99, and if you buy it in the first two weeks (ending September 11), you'll also get some free bonus items, including: Ancestral Attire, Ancestral Oar, and Ancestral Knife.